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What is PC Glee? (Port Credit Glee)

         PC Glee is a community glee club/show choir for adults ages 18 and over. If offers a chance for community members to participate in a group that is equal parts social and musical. One of the things that makes PC Glee unique is that our participants choose what they want to sing. Our repertoire is different for every show, and always reflects the participants individuality and unique group dynamic.

        We perform mostly as a whole ensemble, in groups, or in duets, trios etc. We want to create a community of awesome musician-people, and nothing brings people together better than singing with one another! Within these songs there are of course solos and room for each participant to let their talents shine!

How Does It Work? 

        There is a placement process for new members at the beginning of each term so that our team can get to know you and to hear how you would best fit into the group. We are looking for things like 1) voice placement (are you a high or low singer for group numbers) 2) vocal style (are you a broadway belter, classical, folk, jazz singer) 3) dance style (tapper, jazz dancer, or more of a mover and shaker) 4) and any other talents you wish to share with us (Do you play an instrument? Are you a gymnast? Can you beatbox?) There is room for all types of talents!

        PC Glee is kept to a 20 - 25 person maximum at this time to allow for each member to be showcased, as well as to be able to work in small groups and large ensemble numbers.

        At the beginning of each term, participants offer song suggestions to our lead facilitator to create the set list to be rehearsed and performed for our end of term showcase. (More information about this process will be e-mailed to you when you contact us to register). By having participants choose the set list as a team, it allows us to choose music we truly love and are passionate about, as well as fostering a sense of ownership and pride in our work. We tend to stay away from themed concerts in order to free up musical choices.

        Each musical number is staged and/or choreographed by Emily, or participants may offer to choreograph or stage musical numbers. Some numbers will be fully choreographed, while others will require less staging. Please let us know if you wish to take on this responsibility when filling out a registration form, or early on in the rehearsal process so we can include you!

The Team

Emily Daquano (Young) -  Founder / Lead Facilitator

Susan Wilby - Collaborative Pianist

Dylan Daquano - In-House Musician / Arranger / Producer

Katie Fry - Associate Producer

Rehearsal Location

         We rehearse at Christ Church in Clarkson and perform at West Edge Community Church in Port Credit, Mississauga. We rehearse as a full group every other Thursday evening, and rehearse small group numbers on the off weeks.

Get Involved!

        Please get in touch through the emilyyoungmusic.com contact page and write 'PC Glee' as the subject line. We look forward to meeting you!